Our Story

In 1993, the Vancouver School Board, in partnership with the University of British Columbia, initiated the VSB/UBC Transition Program. The Program was situated in a portable at University Hill Secondary School, enrolled two students in the first year and the goal was high school graduation on an accelerated timeline.

In 1995, the Transition Program was accepted as a Provincial Resource Program and funded by the Ministry of Education. In 1998, the Transition Program moved on to the University of British Columbia campus and by the early 2000s, the program goal evolved from achieving high school graduation in two years to preparation for early entrance to university.

Each year, 20 students are admitted into Year One of the Program. Students’ ages range between 12 – 16, with the average age completing Year Two of the Transition Program being 14. Upon completion of the Program, most pursue full-time post-secondary studies.

The Transition Program for Gifted Students continues to be funded by the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care, is supported in partnership with the University of British Columbia and administered by the Vancouver School Board. Teachers, who are Vancouver School Board employees, work alongside tenured professors at the University of British Columbia to support the academic and social-emotional development of students motivated to achieve early entrance to university in order to pursue academic interests and career goals.

How we are unique

The Transition Program offers not only a compacted secondary curriculum in core academic courses but additional learning opportunities on campus. Students use the chemistry, biology and physics labs at the Faculty of Education, have access to UBC Library services, Museums, and have the opportunity to attend select university lectures.

Because the Transition Program is situated on the UBC campus, this allows students to be more familiar with the campus, meet some Faculty members and be exposed to university class structure and environments. These experiences prepare students for adjustment to university learning.

Transition Program Graduates

Some of the many accomplishments from our Graduates!

Want your child to be in the Transition Program for Gifted Students?

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